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National Flossing Day

Posted by Brittany

Once we’d had our fun with Chris and I decided it was time to do the real deal. I’m ashamed to admit that I’m a bleeder, which is a classic sign that I don’t floss nearly often enough. But since today is about embracing the joy of flossing, I chose to focus instead on the minty clean feeling achieved by a little floss and elbow grease — a feeling that helped me get even more relaxed after our crazy day. I guess I can only describe it by saying it was kind of like my mouth went to a spa. It got cleaned up, maybe even massaged a little, and now it’s feeling refreshed. Maybe I can find a way to keep this up every night until my next dentist appointment in about a month. I heard somewhere that it only takes thirty days to form a new habit — maybe I can even have this one conquered before it’s time for New Year’s resolutions!

I’m still feeling stuffed from turkey and pie but I’ll have to soldier on: tomorrow is National Cake Day! Sounds like it will be another great reason to floss again!

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