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National Eat a Red Apple Day

Posted by Brittany

To celebrate National Eat a Red Apple Day I thought it might be time to find out. I decided I would eat an entire red apple, something I hadn’t done for as long as I could remember. Chris likes to enjoy an occasional apple (sans tummy ache!) so I hit my parents up for two of the Delicious Reds from their obscenely large supply of apples. The next trick was finding an appetite for the sweet treats — we went out to dinner with my parents and my cousin Nathan who is visiting from New Mexico and, in regular Brittany style, I gorged myself on fare from Ruby Tuesday’s. It took awhile, but finally about two hours after dinner, we were ready to wash our apples and chow down. Even though I hadn’t had an entire apple in so long, I’ve eaten enough apple-ish stuff that the taste was completely familiar. The red apple was quite juicy and good. And I don’t even have a stomach ache! (Not yet, at least.)

Perhaps we’ll keep the apple celebration going tomorrow with some sweet apple fritters — It’s National Fritters Day!

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