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National Fritters Day

Posted by Brittany

National Fritters DayDecember 2nd is National Fritters Day, a day to enjoy a hearty helping of some delicious fritters. A fritter is fried cake or dough filled with fruit or meat. The versatile food can be either sweet or savory, and can be served as a side, main dish, or — better yet — a dessert. With so many possibilities, including but not limited to pineapple fritters, apple fritters, corn fritters, and potato fritters, it’s no wonder that fritters are enjoyed around the world.

Chris and I have had the pleasure of dining on fritters twice since we started this project. Back in March, when we celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day, we shared a mouthwatering dish of apple fritters. Later in the summer we made our own fritters for the first time in honor of “_blank”>National Corn Fritters Day. It’s difficult for us not to like any type of fried food, but I think I have to say that I prefer sweet fritters over savory — which is perhaps the reason that we decided to seek out a sweet fritter in honor of today’s “unofficial”.

Chris and I agreed that we wanted to celebrate National Fritters Day by finding and consuming a couple of delicious apple fritters. Since fritters are a bakery item usually available in the morning and early afternoon we considered leaving a little early for work so we could pick some up for a commuter breakfast. However, when push came to shove, we chose an extra ten minutes of sleep instead of an apple fritter. I rationalized that we should still be able to find fritters in the early evening, but I started to fear the worst as I ran errands while I waited to pick Chris up at the commuter lot tonight: I visited a couple of grocery stores and a bakery, and none of them had any fritters left!

When I finally picked Chris up, he reminded me how smart he is. I told him about my troubles finding fritters and he thought about the dilemma for awhile, finally suggesting that we try the 24-hour Dunkin’ Donuts in our hometown. He must have an excellent memory because I’ve been to this Dunkin’ Donuts a few times but I still didn’t remember ever seeing fritters there! When we arrived, we were in luck: they still had several apple fritters. We each got one and ate them on the way home. Chris finished his without a problem, but half of mine is still sitting aroudn waiting for me to get hungry again. It was really yummy, but just so sweet!

Tomorrow I’ll surround myself with even more sweet treats as I start creating my traditional Christmas brownie jars in observance of Make a Gift Day!

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