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Make A Gift Day

Posted by Brittany

Speaking of assembly lines, Chris and I also gave “the gift of time” by volunteering with some of my co-workers to pack boxes on the assembly line at the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank this morning. It was a little hard to get up so early on a Saturday (we had to wake up just a few minutes later than we would on a regular work day), but in the end it was totally worth it. We spent a rewarding morning with not just my co-workers, but all sorts of volunteers in the community, and packed over 1600 boxes for seniors in our area. The work was physically challenging, but the hours we spent on the line flew by. Chris and I enjoyed working for the community so much that we’re considering going back for the next volunteer effort in January. After all, we’ll have some free time when our “year of living unofficailly” has ended!

After a very productive day Chris and I are planning to take a little time out to relax and play around tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll settle down to a fun game of Yahtzee in honor of National Dice Day!

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