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National Noodle Ring Day

Posted by Brittany

National Noodle Ring DayDecember 11th is National Noodle Ring Day, a day to bake and enjoy your very own noodle ring. A noodle ring is created by mixing eggs and noodles with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and cheese, then molding it into a cake ring to bake. When it reaches a beautiful golden brown the baked mold is inverted, creating a tasty dish that can double as a centerpiece. If desired, vegetables or main dishes like creamed chicken may be added to the center. Noodle rings were popular in the middle part of the last century, but have all but disappeared from most modern cookbooks. National Noodle Ring Day is an opportunity to enjoy this simple and tasty “retro” dish.

Chris and I learned all about noodles a couple of months ago on National Noodle Day. However, while we celebrated that “unofficial” with an evening out to a local restaurant, we celebrated today’s by working in our very own kitchen. It took a little searching to find a good recipe since noodle rings aren’t exactly vogue anymore, but when I finally did find one I was glad to see that it was simple and inexpensive. In fact, the only ingredients we needed to purchase for our noodle ring were cheese and the noodles themselves!

After a busy day of cleaning and laundry I was ready for dinner a little earlier than usual. Around 5 o’clock I got started in the kitchen, gathering the few things needed for our noodle ring, and getting comfortable over the stovetop. After a few minutes Chris came over to help me melt the cheese, just in time to witness a stink bug commit suicide in our hot skillet; he was good enough to scoop out the affected area while I mourned the little guy’s untimely death. When everything was done we squished it into an angel food cake pan (we don’t have a bundt cake pan) and let it bake for a bit. When it was done we turned it upside-down, which is easier said than done, filled the center with onion straws and spam, and enjoyed our borderline bland, but still satisfying dinner. Now that I’ve experienced the noodle ring I have to say I like it’s ability to double as a centerpiece and side dish, but there does seem to be something missing from the recipe. Still, it might be a good one to experiment with. After all, noodles are the ultimate comfort food.

Tomorrow we plan to brighten our kitchen with something other than our gourmet (haha) food concoctions — we’ll be decorating it with some beautiful flora in honor of National Poinsettia Day!

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