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Monkey Day

Posted by Brittany

Monkey DayDecember 14th is Monkey Day, an open-ended annual celebration of “all things simian.” According to the origins of this off-the-wall holiday are unknown; its history might be tied to wildlife preservation groups, scientists seeking to create their own “evolutionary” holiday in response to the many religious holidays, or even in the drunken revels of young college students. Perhaps its Monkey Day’s unknown origins that conribute to the extremely disparate and unrestarined suggestsions for how to celebrate the holiday. Again, according to, one can celebrate this unusual day by dressing like a monkey, talking like a monkey (that’s curious?), sending a monkey card, or even flinging your own poo much like a monkey might. In fact, Monkey Day’s official site encourages celebrants to interpret the day’s spirit on their own, inviting them to celebrate simians of all kinds, and in any manner they find most appropriate “without getting arrested.”

Like so many other kids that grew up in America, I thought monkeys were super cool. My child’s mind perceived monkeys as not just exoctic, but cute and mischevious creatures like Curious George. In fact, I used to think the ultimate pet would be a tamed monkey. I’m a little older now — old enough that I’ve grown to believe that certain animals should never be domesticated. So, though monkeys are awesome little creatures, they certainly don’t have a place in my home. Especially after seeing Monkey Shines. (That movie will really mess with your head.) The only monkeys making their presence known in my house are the five or six sock monkeys who live in my Family Room.

To celebrate Monkey Day Chris and I decided to kick back and watch a movie — with our sock monkeys, of course. I seriously considered watching Monkey Shines even though it terrified me as a kid, but in the end we settled on something funny instead. And actually, that was perfect for today’s “unofficial” since the day is undeniably bizarre. We ended up watching a very odd indie film titled Who’s Your Monkey, a sort of “bros before hos” story with subplots revolving around crystal meth and animal pornography. Yep, I just said animal pornography. The movie was definitely weird, but it was also really funny and even touching at times. Plus, it had one of those intros that gets you interested right away. And an adorable leg-humping monkey. So, yeah, maybe we didn’t go the educational route today, learning about monkeys and their complex personalities and behaviors, but we did have some good laughs a lot of fun. Dare I say, more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

Tomorrow we’ll get back to some serious learning as we celebrate the ideals set forth by this country’s founding fathers — it’s Bill of Rights Day!

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