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Bake Cookies Day

Posted by Brittany

Bake Cookies DayDecember 18th is Bake Cookies Day, a day to get in the kitchen and make a batch of delicious cookies. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like the smell of warm cookies coming from the oven! So whether you’ve got the time and motivation to bake homemade cookies, or you opt for the break-and-bake variety, bake up a dozen…or two, or three! And don’t worry … if you make too many tomorrow is a Monday — you can play Santa and surprise your co-workers with a sweet treat!

Chris and I have celebrated many days revolving around cookies during our year of living unofficially. We’ve learned about cookies, made cookies, eaten cookies, and shared cookies. But even with all of this cookie adoration, we’re still not tired of them yet! That’s why we were more than glad to celebrate Bake Cookies Day by making some cookies for dessert tonight!

Actually, the cookies were more like dinner. Earlier this afternoon we went with my parents to a Winter Solstice celebration/luncheon with some of my mom’s high school friends. We gathered at a popular Chinese food restaurant in Springfield and shared great food and even better conversation. The hours flew, and by the time we left Chris and I were both so stuffed that we agreed we wouldn’t need a “real” dinner tonight. Later in the evening, when we finally did feel the first pangs of slight hunger, we knew it was time for our cookies. We were lazy and made some break-and-bake cookies, but we were at least a little adventuraous by trying a new Pillsbury Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cookie (along with some classic chocolate chip cookies of course!). We baked half of the cookies and I used them to energize myself througout a busy evening of Christmas cleaning and gift wrapping. …And now I’m starting to wonder if I should make the rest of them.

If we didn’t have our fill of delicious warm baked goods today, we can give it another try tomorrow — it’s Oatmeal Muffin Day!

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