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Humbug Day

Posted by Brittany

Humbug DayBah Humbug! December 21st is Humbug Day, a day created by the people at in order to “allow everyone preaparing for Christmas to vent their frustrations” with up to twelve “humbugs!” Humbug is an old term that means hoax or jest, but is most commonly associated with Charles Dickens’s famous miserly character, Ebenezer Scrooge. In A Christmas Carol, Scooge exclaims “Bah! Humbug!” when speaking about Christmas, revealing his belief that the holiday is a fraud. But even those of us who love the winter holidays might lose our heads if we don’t find a moment to purge our December demons. Between crowded shopping malls, a booked calendar, a shrinking wallet, and the increasingly tenuous health of our Christmas trees, it’s no wonder the holiday season is a stressfull time!

Obviously Chris and I love holidays — that’s what prompted us to begin this year of living unofficially. Given our weakness for celebrations, it’s a little hard to find any humbug in us. However, in honor of today’s “unofficial” I performed a little introspection and took a few minutes to consider the things I don’t like about this season:

Humbug#1: Too Much Food. I ingested 1200 calories worth of Christmas goodies before 2 PM this afternoon. Ugh.
Humbug#2: Rude people. There’s always going to be that a-hole that cuts in line because his or her time is so much more precious than min. But during the holiday season that a-hole multiplies tenfold.
Humbug#3: I’m broke. Maybe I love my friends and family a little too much? Time to get in touch with that contract killer…
Humbug#4: Cleaning. We’re having a bunch of our family over for Christmas Eve but our house is a mess and we’re never home to clean. I guess I could hire a maid. Or burn it all down and collect the insurance money.
Humbug#5: My voice. I used to love singing Christmas carols, but thanks to modern technology, I now know that my voice sounds like fingernails on a chalk board.
Humbug#6: Wrapping presents. Next year I’m wrapping everything in plastic grocery bags. I’ll call it “recycling.”

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