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National Haiku Day

Posted by Brittany

National Haiku DayToday is National Haiku Day, a day to celebrate the fun, popular, and very short form of Japanese poetry. The haiku develped after the hokku portion of traditional Japanese poetry broke from the tanka. Introduced to the West in the 1950′s, the haiku grew into a phenomenon and was particularly enbraced by beat poets like Jack kerouac. While traditional English haiku is made up of 17 syllables over three phrases (5-7-5), the format is actually more flexible. What distinguishes haiku is the use of a “season” word and the juxtaposition two different elements. Still, even these markers are flexible, and the haiku has inspired many pseudohaiku and other variations.

Hmmm….let’s see if I can write the rest of this in haiku!

In the Spring of youth
In school we learned haiku
Math and art in one

Val and I haiku in class
Still we get straight As

Once I was funny
Now I’m tired and feel old
Damn, haiku is hard

On my way to work
Checking my iPhones inbox
Found haiku message

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