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National Egg Nog Day

Posted by Brittany

National Egg Nog DayMerry Christmas Eve, and Happy National Egg Nog Day! Egg nog is a sweetened dairy drink made from milk, sugar, beaten eggs, and sometimes liquor. The origins of eggnog are debated, but it probably comes from England, or evolved from a medieval European drink. Egg nog traveled to the colonies in the 1700′s, and because brandy and wine incurred heavy taxes, cheaper Caribbean rum was used to spirit the drink instead. The cost-effective liquor and a ready supply of dairy products helped egg nog become popular in the America and Canada. Today, egg nog is a favored drink during the winter holidays, when it is often had with bourbon and rum.

This evening Chris and I hosted a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration with our families. We were fortunate to share plenty of food and fun with some of our favorite people. And one of the staples of any great Christmas celebration is an abundance of yummy egg nog! We were so excited about tonight’s egg nog that we made a special call to Chris’s mom this morning to see if she could pick up some extra rum for it on her way over. And it’s a good thing she was kind enough to agree — we ended up drinking it all! I had a small glass or two, but Chris ended up having several. In fact, he spent a small portion of the late evening a wee bit intoxicated from his rum-heavy nog. Now he’s dozing on the couch, a Christmas cutie. I don’t think he’ll be hung-over, but if he is we’ll treat his headache with some Christmas morning mimosas. I love this time of year!

Tomorrow is the big day: Christmas is our favorite “official” holiday. And we’ll be enjoying a little pumpkin pie with our Christmas feasting, in honor of National Pumpkin Pie Day!

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