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National Candy Cane Day

Posted by Brittany

It’s funny, because I keep thinking that next year will be easier — it will be my mom’s turn to host the family event, and we won’t be blogging about our daily “unofficials” anymore, so life will definintely be easier, right?  But then I realize I’m probably wrong.  If we bring a baby into this world everything is going to get more complicated, so next year we’re just going to have to work even harder to make sure we don’t lose that Christmas magic that we already didn’t get enough of this year.

That being said, Chris and I are re-claiming what magic we can before the tree is tossed in the woods and our regular lives resume.  Tonight we curled up on the couch with the fireplace burning bright and the lights on the Christmas tree shining.  We took a rain check on the cocoa, but we did enjoy a few sweet candy canes as we lazily watched television and talked about the holidays.  This was our fifth Christmas together, and our 2nd as a married couple.  In fact, today has a very special significance in our lives: Chris proposed to me on December 26, 2008.  So really, today would be pretty sweet, even without the candy canes.

Tomorrow we’ll pay our respects to one of the least loved treats of the holiday season — it’s National Fruit Cake Day!

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