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National Fruitcake Day

Posted by Chris

National Fruitcake DayToday is National Fruitcake Day. Fruitcake is a cake made with chopped candied and/or dried fruit, nuts and spices and is sometimes soaked in spirits. The earliest recipe of fruitcake is from ancient Rome and was made with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and raisins mixed into a barley mash. Later, in the Middle Ages, honey, spices and preserved fruits were added. Throughout time recipes have varied depending on the available ingredients as well as what was allowed by the church. Fruitcakes are often served in celebration of a wedding and during the Christmas season. In addition to today being National Fruitcake Day, December is National Fruitcake Month.

Our friend Deborah, who helped us kick the year off at the Mummer’s Day Parade, is visiting with us tonight and while discussing today’s holiday with her she said, “Fruitcakes are one of those things you either love or hate…unfortunately most people hate them.” All three of us asserted the fact that we side with most people when it comes to fruitcakes. Personally I find them absolutely revolting. In fact during our talk about fruitcakes I stated that I think they are one of the worst foods ever invented. I’ve tried fruitcake a few times before and it has never really done anything for me. The taste, texture and it’s look just aren’t right. Why it has become a traditional holiday season treat, I have no idea.

In the spirit of our blog, as well as the holiday itself we thought we would suck up our hatred for the fruity “delight.” Between the three of us, we DID finish our Bauducco mini Panettone Specialty Cake. Whether we enjoyed it is another story. ‘Tis the season!

Tomorrow is my second, and last day, of work for the year. Hopefully I can convince Brittany to stay up late and play some Texas Hold ‘em or Blackjack. Tomorrow is Card Playing Day.

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