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Card Playing Day

Posted by Brittany

Card  Playing DayDecember 28th is Card Playing Day, an opportuinty to gather the family together for a round or two of your favorite card game. Or, for those ambitious families out there, Card Playing Day is the perfect time to schedule a full blown card tournament! Card games have been enjoyed for centuries and they’re still a great old-fashioned way to have some fun — and a reliable alternative when bad weather or power-outages take all of your computers and gaming devices off the grid! Card Playing Day falls right between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, at a time when many families are at home together and have a temporary breather from the hustle and bustle of the season. And what better way to pass a few hours than playing Go Fish, Poker, or Bridge?!

I always enjoyed playing cards when I was a kid. When I was really little I used to go visit my “Grandma” Helen (a resident at a local retirement home I’d “adopted” through Girl Scouts), and we would play Gin Rummy. When I was a little older, sometimes my family would play Poker after dinner, usually for five cents a hand. Flash forward a decade, to my college years, when the only card game I knew anymore was “Asshole,” a drinking game that I was oddly good at for someone who drank so little. Sadly, I’ve forgotten most of the card games of my youth. Now, on the rare occasion that Chris and I play a game our Xbox is usually involved.

Card Playing Day came just in time to rectify our electronic dependency. I’m not saying video games are evil, but we do lose power quite often in this neck of the woods, so its probably not a bad idea to “have a few extra cards up our sleeves.” And this evening Chris and I were already in a celebratory mood: my last work day of the year was last week, but Chris’s last work day of 2011 was today! Now we have a few days to relax, let loose, and finish up this year of living unofficially before life goes back to normal! So, when Chris arrived home this evening, we heated up some holiday leftovers and got busy learning the rules of Gin Rummy. I remembered how much I liked that particular game when I was young so Chris kindly agreed to learn it with me.

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