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Tick Tock Day

Posted by Brittany

Tick Tock DayDecember 29th is Tick Tock Day, a day to review your dreams and goals and start making them into a reality! The end of December is a popular time for looking back on the year’s accomplishments — a helpful process when it comes to shaping your resolutions for the coming year. So now is the time to make your list, check it twice (no, wait — that’s Chrsitmas), and see which boxes you haven’t been able to check off for 2011. Use the remaining days of the year to complete your goal or come up with a fool-proof plan to get it done in 2012!

I’m definitely a planner. It’s a quality that I know Chris appreciates when it comes to things like getting the bills paid, scheduling our dentist appointments, and keeping our household in order. But at other times I know it can be really, really annoying. For instance, I am constantly coming up with projects I’d like us to do around the house. And when we don’t have the time, energy, money, or ambition to start or complete those projects I complain about it. I’ve worked hard to separate the wish-list “some day” fantasy projects from those that will actually help us lead more efficient lives. And that work shaped four of the major goals I’d set for 2011:

1. Clean out the basement
2. Organize the tool shed and garage
3. Organize my home office
4. Clear out my email inbox

Unfortunately, goals 1 through 3 are going to have to carry into the new year. Although we’ve made progress on all three they still aren’t complete. But I think we’ll be finding a little extra time on our hands when our year of living unofficially is over so I don’t see why we can’t have these completed by this time next year. At least I hope so. Right? Anyway, I’m setting priorities and creating a plan of action since I’d really like it all done before we add a new Neigh to the family. The last thing I need is to lose the baby’s birth certificate in the great black hole I call my home office.

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