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Tick Tock Day

Posted by Brittany

But, I also have good news to report! This evening, in celebration of Tick Tock Day, I spent a few hours working on the fourth goal by cleaning up my Gmail Inbox. I’d really let it go this year and it was shockingly full, mostly with stupid emails from places I had to unsubscribe from. Some of the almost two thousand messages (1400 of which were unread!) had also become obsolete due to the time they’d been sitting in my inbox. Most of these were coupons or sale announcements and these messages were almost a relief since I didn’t need to do anything with them except hit the delete button! I also got to revisit a few emails I’d kept for their humor factor, so I had some good laughs during the cleanup process. And — almost as good as the laughs — I now have the satisfaction of an inbox with less than twenty messages in it!

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating our second to last “unofficial” with a volcanic event — it’s National Bicarbonate of Soda Day!

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