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National Champagne Day

Posted by Brittany

National Champagne DayOn December 31st, during the final fleeting hours of the year, we celebrate National Champagne Day. While some parties claim that the date for National Champagne Day falls in August or October, most argue that it only makes sense for this “unofficial” to be celebrated in conjunction with New Year’s Eve. After all, the bubbly, sparkling wine is an iconic symbol of celebration across the world. From the coronations of kings, to the launching of vessels and the festivities surrounding nuptials, champagne has been a co-conspirator in the planning and execution of our happiest events.

As the flame of 2011 dwindles to a mere ember, our year of living unofficially is also drawing to a close. Over the past few days Chris and I have had several discussions about the end of this project. Like so many other things in life, as it ultimately comes to it’s end we are met with mixed, almost contradictory feelings. On one hand, we’re both looking forward to the deletion of a “daily must.” It would be an outrageous lie to claim that this blog project has never added any extra stress or worry to our daily lives. It would be a lie to claim we’d never had an argument over who should write the post or which “unofficial” would be the most fun to celebrate on a given day. And it would be a lie to claim that we aren’t fully ready to embrace the sense of relief accompanying the fact that we can take a break from writing for awhile.

But on the other hand, we’re sad to say goodbye. We’ve gained some followers and friends along the way, and we’ve done things together that would never have happened under other circumstances. I mean…we ate lox! And caviar! Two fishy things I swore I’d never touch with a ten foot pole! But more than trying new things, this year of living unofficially showed Chris and I that we can truly work together as a team. Hundreds of hours went into planning this project, designing our website, sharing the idea with others, and, of course, celebrating each and every day. It wouldn’t have been possible without both of us pulling our weight, and supporting each other when the other was unwell or lacked motivation or simply needed a break. I can’t help but feel that surviving this year of living unofficially bodes well for our future success as a team, as a couple, and — one day — as parents.

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