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National Champagne Day

Posted by Brittany

Looking back on this year I’m overwhelmed by a feeling I can’t describe. It’s almost a shyness or even embarrassment, as if I’ve just realized that we’ve shared our silly, happy-go-lucky dispositions with the rest of the world — a world much more grown up than us. But there is a much stronger feeling overpowering my initial self-consciousness: I feel proud. On January 1st we believed we could make it through a year a celebrations, but we both had at least a little doubt in our minds. I’m proud to say that perseverance and teamwork helped us reach our goal: 365 celebrations, 365 blog posts, and maybe even a few insights along the way. But thank god it wasn’t a leap year.

So, in celebration of the New Year, and (is it immodest to say this?) in celebration of Chris, me, and the Year of Living Unofficially, we’re raising a glass (champagne, of course!). Thank you for joining us on this journey and best wishes for 2012!

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