365 days of celebration


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  1. Sounds like you guys had fun! For Jan 2, we will watch a sci-fi movie (but NOT on the SyFy channel!). Maybe the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or the original “Day The Earth Stood Still”.

    Vic — January 2, 2011 @ 12:36 am

  2. Reading about your adventures made me feel (almost) that we were there experiencing them with you. Intoxicated clowns? My life obviously hasn’t been complete!
    Tomorrow I’m casting my vote for “The Incredible Shrinking Man”, 1950′s version. I know, I know…predictable.

    becky lipinski — January 2, 2011 @ 12:57 am

  3. I forgot to mention that we also watched ‘Strut!’ a 2001 documentary about the parade. It was a little short on history but had some great visuals and unique people.

    Brittany — January 2, 2011 @ 1:06 am

  4. Happy New Year ..! Sounds like an Amazing Parade ..!
    ..London,UK now has a New York style New Years’ day parade …
    -Exchanging ‘Festivities’/'Parades’ across the Atlantic… ! -
    Yes.! Mummers ..’Ye Olde English/European’ festivities..plays,
    songs and ‘much merriment ‘! (Crusades.? defeat of Muslims.. or
    ‘Turks’ hence the ‘blacking up’) The Philidelphia Mummers’ Parade
    … sounds much more fun … ! Regards..

    john phillipson — January 2, 2011 @ 7:27 am

  5. Mummers Parade sounds like it was fun ..!

    john phillipson — January 2, 2011 @ 7:29 am

  6. You guys did a great job bringing your experiences alive
    for us! Brittany – I KNOW how much you must have loved those
    costumes. Thanks – looking forward to the rest of the year and what
    you will show us.

    Laura — January 2, 2011 @ 9:24 am

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