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  1. The trial period thing is not really the classification, as there is plenty of shareware that continues to function forever and merely suggests that you donate. It’s just something that usually overlaps. “My program will work full features forever but I’d like $5 for it, send it here” is actually a fairly common thing, it is non-crippleware, non-freeware, non-demo shareware.

    bro — December 11, 2011 @ 1:43 pm

  2. Speed is not really a “feature” of an ftp program, regardless of reviews written by possibly clueless users. Though I’m sure somebody’s gotten it wrong, and there are some terrible ftc lients out there.

    But an FTP client should make absolutely zero difference in transfer speed. It’s simply asking the operating system’s network stack to move the bytes. It doesn’t control the network. If one ftp program actually gave slower results, then it is a software fail of unimaginable magnitude, or other variables were at play.

    More than likely there’s a speed throttle the user is not noticing, because it’s a bit hard to believe. Or your internet provider has issues, and the network wasn’t running as smoothly during the old one. Or your computers were doing something online already.

    I’ve transferred terabytes via ftp with 5+ different clients, and client does not set a speed, other than a max speed that you would configure to leave bandwidth left over for other tasks.

    Of course, some servers set a max speed per connection (a lot of cable modem users max out at 15K/s), which can suck if you are downloading 1 file. But it has nothing to do with the download client. If you have more than 1 file in your download queue, a smart client will open up another connection for that file, and so on, until the max speed is achieved.

    Honestly, looking at the page for Interarchy, it strikes me as a lite ftp client with almost no functionality. They don’t even do FXP? I had that functionality 11 years ago in FlashFXP. Their support page is non-existent, and I see nothing about queue saving features. Hopefully they at least have that. It’s insane to queue a lot of files and not save the queue.

    Of course, when I started, there was only ftp. Command line. Manually type in each filename. Wait with no indication of progress, maybe for hours, and hope. Start from scratch if your transfer fails. No resuming. Things have come a long way since then.

    p.s. also, your link to Interarchy is mis-formatted

    bro — December 11, 2011 @ 1:54 pm

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