365 days of celebration

What is the year of LIVING UNOFFICIALLY?

At the onset of 2011 we committed ourselves to a year-long blog adventure, aspiring to celebrate one wacky, weird, or off-beat “unofficial” holiday for the next 365 days.  Our goal is to learn something about each holiday, find a way to celebrate it and then share our experience with our readers.

How do you pick which holidays to celebrate?

Countless hours of research have revealed that just about every day has a handful of holidays waiting to be celebrated.  Before each unofficial is officially added to our calendar of events we verify it with at least two sources and learn as much as possible about the holiday.  With so many options to choose from, certain mitigating factors have been evaluated for each day: our pets, our work schedules, our bank account, and our sanity.  If an unofficial can be celebrated without us loosing one or more of these, we will choose the holiday that will be the most enjoyable, yummiest, or memorable by our calculations.

How can I get involved?

To stay informed about upcoming celebrations subscribe to our newsletter.  Some activities may include or even require our friends, family, and followers like you, so make sure to stay in the loop.  Group participation is always encouraged — the more the merrier!  And remember — your feedback helps fuel our journey.  Whether you celebrate with us, on your own, or just want to put in your two cents, please feel free to leave us comments on our daily posts.

How do I contact the year of LIVING UNOFFICIALLY?

Contact us via our contact page or email us at

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