365 days of celebration

We love holidays…

There’s something exciting, even comforting, about our time-honored traditions.  Each and every one of us harbors fond childhood memories of Dad carving the Thanksgiving turkey, or can readily recall the thrilling anticipation of Christmas morning as visions of sugarplums danced in our heads.  Holidays, then and now, carry a magic and charm both whimsical and undeniable.

So one morning during the humdrum of our daily commute we wondered: Why can’t we celebrate a holiday every day?

Our mission is to do just that by celebrating one of the dozens of off-beat, “unofficial” holidays each and every day of 2011.

Fortunately for us, hundreds if not thousands of other holiday-philes have come before us and petitioned our federal and state governments, greeting card companies, and even internet groups, organizing celebrations to support almost any cause, event, animal, or food imaginable.  These fellow tradition lovers have supplied us with a long list of holidays to choose from — even our earliest research showed that any particular day can have upwards of 20 “unofficials”!

With so many options, our daily celebrations will range from the silly and bizarre to commemorative observances and days of awareness.  The holidays we celebrate will be up to us to negotiate with each other, our eight pets, our work schedules, and our bank account.  Our goal is to learn something new every day, share it with our readers, and hopefully not put on too many pounds in the process.  Seriously, it’s absurd how many days revolve around chocolate.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow us, or better yet JOIN us on our journey.  Every evening we will re-cap the day’s events and clue you in on what to celebrate the next day.  Your feedback, comments, and participation will be the driving force that fuels this journey.  So hop on in – afterall, who doesn’t want to celebrate National Donut Day?

-Brittany & Chris Neigh

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