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National Harvey Wallbanger Day

Posted by Brittany

National Harvey Wallbanger DayNovember 8th is National Harvey Wallbanger Day, a day to enjoy the tasty cocktail made from vodka, Galliano, and orange juice. The Harvey Wallbanger was invented in 1952 by Donato ‘Duke’ Antone, a three-time world champion mixologist at the “Blackwatch” bar in Hollywood, California. It is purported that Antone named the drink after one of the bar’s regulars, a Manhattan Beach surfer. Whatever it’s origin, the Harvey Wallbanger became popular across the nation during the 1970′s when TWA featured it on the in-flight menu. During that decade Galliano also launched an aggressive advertising campaign featureing a cartoon character named Harvey, and the Harvey Wallbanger ultimately became “the essential brunch staple of the era.”

I’ve said it many times before: Chris and I don’t drink very much. But, man, after the day we’ve both had we really needed this drink! The morning started with Chris being greeted with surprise doggie diarrhea when he woke up and went downstairs. The work day was normal enough for both of us — a little busier and more stressful than my usual day, as I’m working on completing some 2011 goals. We got home a little on the late side and had our routine daily reunion with our thrilled canine quadruplets. But within minutes of our arrival our hound dog, Iris (the same one we think was responsible for the “puppy poopies”) began throwing up. And I don’t mean just a little vomit — it was like a never-ending, putrid smelling, projectile type of vomit. Luckly, right when we were considering taking her to the emergency vet, things started to calm down and she is now resting calmly at my feet. Poor baby Iris.

But, as I mentioned, all of this left us particularly vulnerable to the idea of “taking the edge off.” I looked up a recipe for a Harvey Wallbanger and got to work in the kitchen. We were both looking forward to giving the drink a try — we love mimosas so we were curious to test out another orange juice based cocktail. Harvey Wallbangers are easy to make, so after a little mixing Chris and I settled down on the couch (with Iris at our feet) and gave the cocktail a sip. Chris said it reminded him of a screwdriver, which makes sense given the ingredients. As for me, I thought it just tasted kind of like weird orange juice. But either way, it’s got a little vodka and that’s just what we needed.

This evening’s events hectic are the perfect precursor tomorrow’s “unofficial”, Chaos Never Dies Day.

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