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Chaos Never Dies Day

Posted by Brittany

Chaos Never Dies DayNovember 9th is Chaos Never Dies Day, a day set aside to “recognize the turmoil in modern, everyday life.” Let’s face it: most of us feel like rats trapped in a race, dogged by the busy schedules of our hectic lives. And any time things calm down long enough for us to draw a long, centering breath, it only holds for minute before things start to get crazy again. That’s because chaos truly never dies; it is a way of life. Some might argue that it is the way of life! Whether its a crazy career, a demanding social calendar, or a brain-melting school schedule that’s driving you up the wall (or all of the above), today is the day to stop resisiting. Submit to your shortcomings, go with the flow, and accept that disorder is everywhere. Then, to celebrate Chaos Never Dies Day determine one thing that is throwing a wrench in your ability to step back from life and relax, and fix it! Do what you can to improve one part of your world before the other hemisphere spins out of control!

I often get discouraged about how crazy our lives can get. Without fail, as soon as start to feel like I’ve accomplished something useful I make the mistake of looking around and realizing how far “behind” (I’m putting this in quotes since it’s really a relative term) I am in other parts of my life. For instance, I might be excelling at work and feeling great about all of the new stuff I’m learning, but when I get home I’ll notice the rodent-sized tufts of dog hair littered across the living room and all of the dirt on our baseboards. Realizing that I’ll never be able to “do it all” and working to accept that fact is going to be a life-long struggle. For now I’ve coped with the fact that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything by making lists and prioritizing what’s important. Then, Chris and I will divide and conquer whenever we can. In fact, we had just such a list last night — before chaos struck. We arrived home late, but ready to complete our to-do list of chores, only to find that one of our dogs was very ill. Instead of finishing everything we’d set out to do we spent three hours cleaning up vomit and diarrhea. But in this case chaos served to remind us about what’s really important: it’s not how clean our house is, or even that we pay all of our bills on time. Instead, what truly matters is that everyone we love (pups included) is safe, happy, and healthy.

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