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National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) Day

Posted by Brittany

National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) DayNovember 12th is National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) Day. During our year of living unofficially we’ve already learned about and enjoyed pizza on National Deep Dish Pizza Day and National Cheese Pizza Day. But here’s a pizza joke we hadn’t heard until today: The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop and says “can you make me one with everything?” I enjoy a good pun as much as the next person, but can you believe that an Australian reporter actually told this joke to the Dalai Lama?! (Check out this video for his hilarious reaction.) We’re not exactly sure what the creators of this holiday have against anchovies, but we’re breathing a sigh of relief that they’re taboo for today’s celebration. All of the other standard pizza toppings are fine by us (except for Chris’s aversion to mushrooms), so today turned out to be another yummy foodie unofficial!

Chris has been craving Papa John’s pizza for a really long time, at least since my trip out to Albuquerque earlier this summer. Before I left I remember him saying there was one thing he was definitely going to do while I was away: help himself to a heaping Papa John’s pizza. Unfortunately, the week got away from him and he never got his pizza. And for whatever reason we never ordered one when I got back either, not even for National Cheese Pizza Day in September. We actually don’t order pizza that often anymore, and when we do we usually opt for something cheap like the $5 pizzas at Little Caesar’s. But Chris was right to crave Papa John’s — they do make excellent pizza worth salivating over!

So naturally, in honor of National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) Day, we decided we would finally get that Papa John’s Pizza! We had already planned to take my parents out for a little early celebration of their upcoming 44th wedding anniversary, so we decided we’d better pick up the pizza for lunch. Actually, it was a little more like breakfast or brunch since we slept until 11am. Regardless, when we got up we got online to build our pizza and ended up settling on one of the specialty pizzas called “The Works”, topped with pepperoni, ham, sausage, onions, green peppers, and black olives. Since we don’t get delivery out here in the boondocks, we had to travel a few miles to pickup our meal, but it was well worth it.

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