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National Indian Pudding Day

Posted by Brittany

National Indian Pudding DayNovember 13th is National Indian Pudding Day! Indian pudding refers to a number of recipes of Native American origin, generally consisting of molasses, cornmeal, milk, butter, eggs, and spices. The mixture is baked at a low temperature for several hours to create a mush that, at first glance, might look inedible but will have you asking for seconds. Indian pudding was a favorite among early American conlonists who no longer had the ingredeints needed to make plum pudding. It remains a popular dessert, parictulary in New England, and appears at Thanksgiving celebrations across the country.

I’m not particularly fond of store-bought puddings like Jell-o pudding, but I really enjoy homemade pudding and bread puddings. In fact, one of my favorite desserts on our recent cruise vacation was a sweet bread pudding I had during lunch one day. Yum. Chris, on the other hand, is kind of grossed out by most puddings. As we were leading into today’s “unofficial” I worried he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with me, but he offered to help with the cooking and dishes so I was at least pleased by that.

So imagine my surprise when Chris took his first bite of our homemade Indian pudding and expressed his approval! Maybe he was just hungry after the three hour bike tour we took in DC this afternoon. Or maybe he was just looking forward to trying the pudding after the teamwork we put into executing the indian pudding recipe we’d chosen. Either way, when all was said and done, and our mush dessert had cooled, we all — my parents included — were pleasantly surprised by the strange mixture’s taste. The end result was kind of like a soupy pumpkin pie or gingerbread. When coupled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream it turned out to be a nice treat….and a possible contnder for the Thanksgiving dessert table.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with another food themed “unofficial” — it’s National Guacamole Day! We’re so excited for some Mexican food!

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