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Go For a Ride Day

Posted by Brittany

Go For a Ride DayNovember 22nd is Go For a Ride Day, the perfect opportunity to temporarily opt out of your stressful schedule and clear your mind with a relaxing ride. It doesn’t matter what mode of transportation you choose — bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, horse, jet-ski, boat, or carriage — as long as you take a breather and enjoy a ride! A change of scenery can help you clear your head after a busy day. Or, if you’re anything like countless hoards of infants, maybe the rocking and swaying of a ride will help you relax or even fall asleep (beware drivers!). So grab your friends and family )or go solo if you need a little “me” time) and head out of the house for a leisurely trip, destination unknown.

I’ve loved taking car rides for as long as I can remember, especially this time of year. There’s something super cozy about piling the family in the car on a cool autumn evening, wrapping up in a soft blanket, and exploring the local landscape. Every winter, once some of the houses have started turning on their Christmas lights and decorations, Chris and I hop in his car, settle into the heated seats with a warm cocoa or coffee in hand, turn on some Christmas music, and check out the festive neighborhoods in our area. Sometimes we make it a family outing and go with my parents too. Even though it’s a simple activity, it’s one of the parts of the holiday season that I enjoy most.

Of course, if you ask Chris, taking a ride with me is no fun. When I have good conversation and holiday lights to entertain me I can stay awake, but most rides longer than a half hour have a pretty high probability of rendering me unconscious. The rocking and bumping motion just puts me to sleep. In fact, I think the same rocking motion was responsible for all of the excellent sleep I got during our Caribbean cruise. Maybe this propensity to fall asleep as a passenger is one of the reasons I like rides so much: sleep is one of my favorite activities, and one I rarely get to indulge in for long periods of time.

To celebrate Go For A Ride Day this evening Chris and I took his GTI out for a spin. Pre-Thanksgiving traffic was pretty crazy and we commuted separately today so he didn’t arrive home until after 9 PM. By then we were both in need of a breather and a nice ride seemed like the perfect way to pass an hour or so.

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