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National Flossing Day

Posted by Brittany

National Floss DayThe turkey and the pumpkin pie have been devoured. Thanksgiving has passed and today we are one day older, wiser, and more thankful. Every year the day after Thanksgiving we celebrate National Flossing Day. As the National Flossing Day 2011 proclamation states: “This Nation will once again have spent a full day focused on food, on Thanksgiving Day…and scientific research indicates that it behooves each of us to floss after meals. Every person is encouraged to celebrate flossing and search for ways to experience the Joy of Flossing.” Today is a day to forget all of the negative reinforcement that has driven us to become occasional, uncommitted flossers and instead focus on the “richness and health that flossing can bring.”

Chris and I hate to admit it, but we are not regular flossers. Much like this hilarious cartoon illustrates, the fear instilled in us during our regular dental checkups often inspires brief bouts of flossing dedication but they always putter out in just a number of days. I’m not sure if it’s our busy schedules or just laziness, but I swear there are some nights when it’s all I can do to brush my teeth and wash my face before bed. And poor Chris is even worse — sometimes he even falls asleep in his clothes! So, in short, flossing has never been a giant priority for us but it’s definitely something we both wish we could commit to, and today was at the very least a nice excuse to give it a whirl again, and a great way to be reminded that flossing really doesn’t take that long.

To celebrate National Flossing Day we first turned to the National Flossing Day website, Although the site is lacking in design, it definitely has some quirky content that got me giggling. There are videos of celebrities flossing, articles and hypotheses about flossing (like some strangely presented evidence that some monkeys might teach their young how to floss), pictures of floss art, floss video contests, and even a section for “The Floscars,” the National Flossing Council’s highest award for the use of floss in a major motion picture. Perusing the site turned out to be a nice relaxing activity after a long and stressful day of Black Friday shopping!

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