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Make Your Own Head Day

Posted by Brittany

Make Your Own Head DayToday is Make Your Own Head Day, a day to get crafty and make a replica of your very own head! It doesn’t matter what medium you use — clay, pen and paper, or even aluminum foil — as long as you use your artistic skills to create your own little “mini-me”. Make Your Own Head Day is particularly popular in elementary school art classes, but there’s no reason grown-ups can’t celebrate this fun holiday too. We spend so much time staring back at our faces in the mirror, who better is there to record our likenesses than ourselves!

I always enjoyed art class when I was a kid but I can’t remember ever trying to draw a self-portrait or sculpt my own head. Chris, however, has much more experience with recreating his face. He is extremely artistic and always took art during his school years, eventually culminating in a studio arts degree. During that time he drew himself many times and sculpted his own bust. In fact, one of his pieces — a colored pencil drawing of his face mounted on a wire frame body — lives in my home office, where he can watch over my shoulder to make sure I don’t get addicted to internet gambling or reality tv.

As we were preparing to celebrate this “unofficial” I couldn’t help but think of a strange piece of “art” my parents picked up a few years back during a thrift store excursion: a sculpted head about a foot tall. It appears to be a man of asian ethnicity, with a long twisted braid going down the back of his head, doubling as a support for the weight of the piece. When they first showed it to us we had a good laugh — it looks like something that belongs in the Museum of Bad Art.They weren’t sure exactly why they’d purchased the head, but it seemed to have spoken to them in some way. After they’d had it for awhile one of their artistically inclined friends gave it a “facelift”, repainting it (and maybe even adding to it with sculpey — I’m not sure), resulting in a vast improvement in the head’s appearance. But it’s still very, very strange. I can only surmise that it may have been created as for Make Your Own Head Day.

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