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Electronic Greetings Day

Posted by Brittany

Electronic Greetings DayNovember 29th is Electronic Greetings Day, an opportunity to send salutations to your friends and family via the World Wide Web. E-cards aren’t just free, they’re also environmentally friendly. And they’ve come a long way since their inception in the mid-1990′s: modern technology has enabled the creation of all sorts of different fun electronic cards, including mobile, video, and Flash animation e-cards. Now is the perfect time of year to touch base with an old friend or catch up with your favorite relative, so forget the snail-mail and send an e-card to let them know they’re on your mind.

I don’t send e-cards very often. Sure, it can be a lot of fun to look at the different funny animations on most e-card sites, but if my friends are anything like me they’re probably suspicious of the resulting “You’ve received an e-card” e-mail message. My junk mailbox is always brimming with these types of messages, which has caused me to — perhaps unfairly — sour at the idea of electronic cards in general. And that’s really too bad, because there definitely are some fun and safe e-card sites. And I always enjoy seeing the video cards some of my friends post on their Facebook pages.

To celebrate Electronic Greetings Day I decided to put my wariness aside long enough for Chris and I to create and send out an e-card. Chris thought it would be fun to design our own at so we spent some time looking at the different stock artwork and designs. After giggling over many of the odd and puzzling images we eventually settled on some sort of sea animal — a manatee, I believe. If you’re one of our readers who subscribes to the Year of Living Unofficially newsletter, you probably received a “Happy Electronic Greetings Day” e-card from us just a few minutes ago. Now that I’ve overcome my e-card fear, maybe I’ll wander over to and make a silly e-card video.

After today’s celebration and my e-card uneasiness, it seems that tomorrow’s “unofficial” is coming just in time — it’s Computer Security Day!

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