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Computer Security Day

Posted by Chris

Computer Security DayEach year on November 30th people all over the world are reminded to protect their computers and the information stored on them. Computer Security Day has been celebrated every year since 1988 to help raise awareness of computer related security issues. Information security professionals use this opportunity to raise security awareness to others within their organization. You can do several things to secure your computer; backing up files, scanning for viruses, using an air duster to clean your keyboard, or even posting a sign that simply says “No Food or Drink” near your computer. Is your computer and information secure?

Like too many, at one point or another I have had to deal with a computer virus. Luckily for me it has never been anything serious. As for Brittany, her past security problems weren’t from a virus but from her clumsiness. While she was in college she somehow managed to rip the screen off of her laptop while her roommate was writing a paper. This actually falls under the “taking proper care of your hardware” section of today’s unofficial.

Before I make a comment that will be misinterpreted I would like to make it clear that I know Macs can get viruses too. That being said, Brittany and I haven’t had to deal too much with the worries one tends to think of when computer security comes to mind. That may be because we don’t download crazy amounts of music or pirated software. I think Brittany really only uses her computer for basic web browsing actually. We both use passwords like “password” and “123456″. Just kidding — we actually have pretty strong passwords. The one thing we are pretty guilty of though is backing up our files. Today we finally got around to doing something I have been talking about for far too long. We purchased a 2TB external hard drive and will be using it to regularly back up our files. I’ve reformatted and partitioned it so both Brittany and I have a designated space to use. My plan once everything is backed up is to finally upgrade to Lion.

Tomorrow we’re taking it back to the old school, busting out that red apple and leaving it on the teacher’s desk. It’s National Eat a Red Apple Day.

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